Ken Ryker

Gay porn star Ken Ryker, star of the The Other Side of Aspen, Big River, The Ryker Files, Ryker's Revenge, The Renegade, The New Pledgemaster, and other gay porn movies.

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ryker's revenge Ryker's Revenge

When the tabloids scream "Porn Superstar Leaves Industry!" horny cub reporter Joey Hart wants to know why. Hot on the mega-hunk's trail he interviews Ken's former on-screen fuck toy Logan Reed, veteran gossip columnist (and trouble maker) Christopher Dixon and hears a shocking tale of Ken Ryker fucking both Odyssey Twins, Gabriel & Oscar. When Joey finds that his roommate (Brett Ford) knows Ryker, he arranges a chance encounter at the gym. Brett then goes off to the showers for a steamy 4-way suckfest with monster cocks Chad Donovan, Zachary Scott and the massively horsehung Odyssey Exclusive Tony Donovan. Ryker's lover, Steve Harper, is fed up with all the nasty gossip that's been written,so Ken enlists Joey's help, and together they plot Ryker's Revenge.

big river Big River

When the hot outdoors type studs feel the need to let loose, they head for the Big River!! 90 minutes of hot Falcon men doing what they do best!! Superstar Ken Ryker stars with Drew Nolan, Christian Fox, Steve Marks, Chad Knight, Mike Chavez and Mike Nichols in explosive cruising and tempting one another with the ferocity of wild animals. Enough sweaty sex for even the most insatiable appetites. Also starring Scott Baldwin, Mike Chavez, Christian Fox, Chad Knight, Steve Marks, Mike Nichols, Drew Nolan.

new pledgemaster New Pledgemaster

Superstar Ken Ryker heads up a cast of willing studs who will do anything to get you off. Action so hot you will have to turn up your A.C. Big blond and hung Ken Ryker stars with big dicked Aiden Shaw in a hell week initiation you'll never want to forget! Also starring Peter Bishop, Devyn Foster, Casy Jordan, David Logan, Eric Marx, Alec Powers, Ken Ryker, Aiden Shaw, JT Sloan.

ryker files The Ryker Files

Ken Ryker plays a private eye specializing in extra-marital affairs. In the course of his investigation, he discovers that the subject is an old friend...of the most intimate kind! Directed by Jim Steel and starring Sam Crockett, Matthew Easton, York Powers, Adam Rom, Ken Ryker, JT Sloan, David Thompson, Jordan Young.


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