Tom Katt

Gay porn star Tom Katt
Sometimes hairy, sometimes smooth, but always big, buff, and muscular.

alley katt Alley Katt

Thrust Studios proudly presents Alley Katt. Big, built, and beautiful Tom Katt has muscles to spare, and hair everywhere. This guy and his friends will do it for you. The scalding action in this tape may singe your hair! With Chaz Carlton, Chris Dano, Ty Davenport, Rick Estephan, Tom Katt, Paul Morgan, Todd Shane, Joey Stevens.

Tom Katt

In an industry of fair-haired, slightly inflated clones, a dark horse emerges. An origional, posessing all the attributes of a demi-god of Greek mythology, the finely sculpted body of Tom Katt eclipses every star he performs with!

best of tom katt Best of Tom Katt

The Best of Tom Katt features scenes from Secret Sex 2, Wet and Wild, Palm Springs Paradise, Behind the Barn Door, Good Vibrations.

Hard Body Video Magazine #1

Hard Body Video Magazine #1 features interviews, gossip, bloopers, and sexy performances by Rob Cryston, Damien, Wes Daniels, Max Holden, Tom Katt, Tanner Reeves, Tyler Scott, Zak Spears.

Idol Thoughts

Tom Katt stars with Ryan Idol in Ryan's first hard-core, hands-on adventure! Ryan has been thinking about cock, and he has been thinking alot about Tom Katt's cock! Ryan Idol remembers how he plowed Chuck Hunter into ecstasy the night before. Karl Thomas and Max Holden in a bedroom in a fiery scene. Ryan Idol jacking off into underwear. Rob Cryston and Shawn Justin send Ryan a tape of them fucking so they can be in his next movie. Ryan checks out a photo of Tom Katt and fantasizes about how it would be to suck him. So he does.


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